Переглянути кошик “ENOVA PUPPY/JUNIOR CHICKEN & RICE 1,5kg” був доданий у ваш кошик.



Complete dry food for small or toy adult dogs.

Артикул: CS704

ENOVA ADULT CHICKEN & RICE MINI has been formulated with a simple, clear idea: create a top quality maintenance dog food, able to meet the needs of small adult dogs (1 to 7 years of age).

The quality of the protein is ensured by the highest chicken meat inclusion (min. 29%) and by the use of eggs, the most complete source of amino acids available; further, the absence of glutens, corn or wheat and the use of rice only as grain reduces the risk of onset of food allergy.

High levels of Omega 6 & Omega 3 fatty acids are ensured by the inclusion of quality sources, such as chicken fat, flaxseed and fish oil.

To complete the formula, some added vegetables (carrots, tomatoes and rosemary) provide extra antioxidants and vitamin precursors of natural origin.

The small kibbles make food ingestion easier also for small or toy adult dogs.

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