Complete dry dog food for all life stages.

Нет на складе

Артикул: CS703

Formulated to meet the special needs of the growing puppies, ENOVA P/J CHICKEN & RICE has a very high content in chicken (min. 27%), that ensures a great digestibility, very important quality for the nutrition of puppies, who are prone to digestive upsets that usually are evident in the poor stool quality.
To help furthermore the digestive process, the absence of corn, soy or wheat and the use of rice products only, that can also help to reduce the onset of food allergies.
Chicken fat, flaxseed and fish oil ensure adequate levels of Omega 6 & Omega 3 fatty acids, very important to promote an healthy development of central nervous system & eye function, besides their beneficial effects on skin & coat condition.
The inclusion of vegetables like carrots, tomatoes and rosemary increases the antioxidant & vitamin  precursors content, all in a naturally available form.
Thanks to its great digestibility and its high and balanced energy content, ENOVA P/J CHICKEN & RICE is suitable also for pregnant and lactating bitches.

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